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NY raised and passionate about all things art since childhood, Mary chose to study architecture after high school. Soon thereafter, her true calling would emerge. Desiring a more free spirited outlet to her boundless creativity, Mary moved to Florida and accepted a position in the prop department of the Burt Reynolds theatre. Hard work, passion and high energy saw her position rise to Prop Master. During this time Mary began to explore decorative painting/finishes as a side project. Quickly the side project blossomed to a growing business and thus Mary left the theatre and founded Grand Illusions in 1992. A lifelong passion, Mary avidly hones her craft by taking advanced technique classes from industry masters, reading endless design books/magazines, keenly pouring over color decks and always keeping her fingers on the pulse of fresh ideas and trends. As the saying goes, "time flies when you're having fun". Grand Illusions has been blazing trails of inspiration and bringing clients visions to life for over 22 years.

Mary Cerny




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