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Through innovative textures and finishes and the creative use of color, our artists can bring the look and feel you want to a wall, a room or an entire home. Our comprehensive services include free estimates, sample boards and design consulting for both residential and commercial clients.  We specialize in Glazing, Italian Plasters, Custom stencils and Allover Stencils, Woodgraining, Gold and Metallic Leafing, Custom Murals, Chalk Paint and Furniture refinishing.  Please click Portfolio below to see a sample of our work.


Decorative  Painting      and Textures

Color Consulting

If you are building a new home or remodeling an old one, you'd probably rely on professionals to get the job done right.  From architects and contractors to interior designers and artisans.  But would you think to hire a color consultant? We can help you choose a color scheme that helps create the mood you crave and can be vital in making your habitat feel like a home.  We also have a finger on the pulse of happening colors and future trends.  Please check out our Facebook Page by clicking the link below.

Home Styling

Since artistry is only one element of design, Grand Illusions of Jupiter also offers decorating services for clients who need a little help with the rest of the elements . From fabrics and furniture, to accents and accessories, we can help you coordinate all aspects of your decor.


Grand Illusions of Jupiter also works hand in hand with many interior designers to help bring their designs to life. Our artists consult with designers during the planning stages to ensure that textures and colors compliment the other elements of a design.  Please check out our Pintrest link by clicking the link below.

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